LETTER - Gallery is Hep-lifting

HAVING heard many positive comments from friends, as well as reading some negative responses from Express readers, I finally made my first trip to the Hepworth Gallery this week. I am delighted to say that I found my visit to be both uplifting and worthwhile.

The gallery provides a fantastic exhibition space and makes excellent use of both natural and artificial light. Although Hepworth’s sculpture takes centre stage, I felt there was a wide variety of work, to appeal to most tastes.

I found Gallery 3 particularly informative as this helped to place Hepworth’s work in context with her European contemporaries and, I felt, gave her work more meaning.

As somebody who would not consider themselves a fan of modern art, I was quite surprised at how much my perspective changed in the space of one visit and found that the gallery offered a perfect introduction to Modernism. The literature that accompanied each work provided just enough information to get an understanding of it without lecturing or inhibiting personal interpretation.

In addition to the art itself, the gallery also offers fantastic views of the Merrie City, which will no doubt become even more splendid as further redevelopment work takes place. I feared the gallery might have an air of exclusivity but was pleased to notice the range of people visiting the gallery.

I overhead a number of regional accents and saw people of all ages who were clearly enjoying their visit. I would also like to commend the staff who were welcoming, enthusiastic and well-informed. Overall I found my visit to be a thoroughly enjoyable experience and would wholeheartedly recommend those who are yet to visit the gallery to give it a chance and see what the Hepworth has to offer them.

Dominic Sheerin

Orchard Close