Letter - Get to grips with traffic

Here is a list of Kirkgate traffic offences:

Cars & taxis driving up Kirkgate, suddenly stopping and double parking outside Polish Off Licence, causing buses to swerve around them.

Cars & taxis driving up Kirkgate through alleged bus gate (bus & cycles only).

Cars & taxis stopping in the bus stop to pick up, drop off or use the cash machines - bus passengers have to alight in the middle of the road.

Cars & taxis driving up The Springs, again part of the alleged bus gate.

Cars & taxis turning right out of Sun Lane and Warrengate, both junctions left-turn only then committing the above offences.

Cars & taxis turning right from Kirkgate onto Warrengate in front of buses coming down The Springs, road markings give no provision to do this manoeuvre because cars and taxis should not be there.

Cars & taxis driving down The Springs onto Kirkgate, again bus and cycles only, then parking outside Wetherspoons to pick up or drop off causing buses to mount the pedestrian island to get around them.

There is adequate signage and road markings in this area so when are West Yorkshire Police and WMDC going to get to grips with all the above road traffic offences?

Peter Davies