Letter - Getting a few things off my chest...

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I WOULD just like to get a few things off my chest about Wakefield Council.

Firstly, when are they going to collect the leaves on Broadway or are we going to collect them up for them?

The ending of garden waste on November 8 is far too early, it should be at least the end of November.

Secondly, the waste of money for whoever is putting stencils on pavements of ‘pick up or pay up’. It is a complete waste of time and money.

Where do we put it when we pick it up? There are hardly any bins about. We need more bins, not footpath graffiti.

There is no wonder most people don’t pick it up when there is nowhere to put it. Not very nice walking miles with dog poo, and nowhere to put it.

Finally, I hope the grass cutters make a better job of the grass verges next summer than they did this summer. Are they trying to save money by letting them grow a foot high or is it that the blades don’t work or need sharpening?

When they have been, they are left looking like ploughed fields. I bet they are not left like that at Sandal and Walton.

John Marshall