LETTER: Give MPs a free Brexit vote

Letter: Give MPs a free Brexit vote.  Photo: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images/Carl Court
Letter: Give MPs a free Brexit vote. Photo: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images/Carl Court

Ron Watson, Darrington

Now that so much more is known about the threats of Brexit than in 2016 thank goodness Yvette Cooper is an MP with the character and strength of mind to oppose it.

It is unworthy of her critics to attack her for this. MPs are elected to represent our best interests not to slavishly implement a policy when new knowledge shows it to be inappropriate.

With one party leader dragging us out of the EU and the other happy to let her, hoping the attendant turmoil will lead him to power, we are at a political impasse.

After two and a half years of in-party and cross-party fighting about Brexit we are much worse off.

Our currency has devalued, we have irritated and annoyed our neighbours and customers, we are the subject of pity to our friends and of ridicule to others.

Our security is threatened, our livelihoods are at risk, important members of our society are leaving taking their skills with them and so on.

How has this happened? 2016, David Cameron assumes pro-EU votes cast in a Brexit referendum will silence troublesome right wing MPs.

Neither MPs nor voters know how Brexit can be achieved nor what penalties will result.

With massive financial support Brexiteers target selected electors, totally out-manoeuvring Remainers. By a small majority Brexiteers win.

MPs, with neither the information nor the knowledge to form a judgement, quickly trigger the leaving procedure.

Two and a half years of negotiations later what is likely to be lost by leaving can be seen with few benefits being shown.

House of Commons speeches show hundreds of MPs now realise what we would lose by Brexit.

The government draft Brexit agreement is voted down by a huge majority. The Prime Minister wants to ignore this rebuff.

With so much bloody-mindedness in play, regardless of its outcome, another referendum would meet the same fate.

It’s time to put aside party loyalties. Let MPs have a free vote.

Without the historical baggage that their parties carry surely there is enough common sense amongst them to move us forward to the benefit of everyone in the UK.