Letter - Good cop, bad cop scenario

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COULD we be seeing the collapse of the pound?

Well according to Max Kaeser the Russia Today tv news economics pundit, who has moved to Britain to see the collapse he predicted for April, all the signs are there.

We’ve just heard the bad news that the economy has further slipped into recession, a triple dip, and already the banks yet again are being blamed, not George Osborne’s austerity plan to pay back the debt at the expense of destroying all the confidence of would-be investors and entrepeneurs.

No doubt Labour will be shouting their slogans based on the Keynes form of economics of spend, spend, spend getting us further into debt, but at a cost of them building even bigger government and further state control and loss of more personal liberties.

You can’t win, it’s the good cop bad cop scenario, and we the pawns are to believe they’re both looking out for our best interests?

So why is it then, both parties and the media have mysteriously chosen to ignore the fact Iceland did neither and jailed the corrupt bankers and politicians, forgave the debt incurred by all citizens and their economy is booming back in the black - funny innit!

Pete McGowan

Ferry Lane