Letter - Green Belt worries

We should view the decision to delete the proposed housing development site earmarked for the Trough Well Lane and Bradford Road area as a huge victory for common sense.

A big thank you goes out to the inspector and all those in authority for listening to those of us who stood firm and opposed to the original plan for this particular site.

It will now remain within the prescribed green belt.

The site was seen by many as an erosion of the western boundary of Wrenthorpe that would have led to further continuous development in plots between Jerry Clay Lane and Bradford Road, which would have led to the village virtually doubling in size.

The decision is a significant victory that proves the system can be made to work and give protection to ordinary citizens.

However, we should spare a thought for those who are still facing developments in their immediate vicinity.

I will continue to offer representation for those sites, still included within the LDF plan, as I feel we must ensure that Wrenthorpe doesn’t bear a disproportionate amount of the burden of the housing development that is scheduled to be spread across the district as a whole.

The format of planning for future developments started 20 years ago with the UDP.

We now have the latest version, the LDF, which, when adopted, will establish and enforce the Green Belt until 2026.

This may sound a long time off, but is only 14 years away. By then a different three letters will signify yet another new plan.

The landowners and developers will again point at the housing shortage situation and wring their hands in anticipation. Wrenthorpe, because of its popularity and appeal, will no doubt be coveted once more, and it’s deja vu all over again.

I feel we should consider the cumulative effect of these plans when laid one on top of the other.

Then the true impact of years of development can be seen.

We should remain vigilant and, as this decision proves, be prepared to work more closely with planners to ensure future communities are of a shape and size we want and include the adequate infrastructure and amenities we need,

Coun Charlie Keith

Fourth Avenue

Newton Hill