Letter - Help me find my mystery curry man

NOT many good samaritans around nowadays but I found one.

I am disabled and find walking difficult. On exiting Iceland supermarket in town a kind gentleman took my bags for me and put them in the boot of the taxi.

He then helped me into the taxi - imagine my shock when getting home to find the man had given me his shopping as well!

I feel awful that this man has lost out by being kind hearted, his shopping is still in our freezer. If he wants to contact me on 01924 335626 I could arrange to return his goods and thank him for his kind heartedness.

A very big thank you to really lovely guy who helped me with my shopping! I got home & discovered fish portions and a portion of curry for one! Very nice of you to leave it with my shopping, but me and my hubby weren’t that keen on them!

Eileen Tunnacliffe

Jerry Clay Drive