Letter - Help me with a curious story

I am writing a book dealing with the very curious story of the Simpsons of Walton Hall - a story which can be likened to a parallel to the Downton Abbey story on television recently, except that mine is a true story based on original documents, photographs and maps, and mine covers far more aspects of the family’s life - business, food, sport (including golf, the Badsworth hunt, croquet and, especially, cricket), home furnishings, carriages, servants etc.

I write to ask if any of your readers have any of the Simpson papers which some decades ago now, lay, mixed with feathers and hens’ heads and feet, in an upper room in the stable block at Walton Hall.

The papers were mainly in a very poor condition, but permission was readily given to take them away as curiosities.

I would very much like to see any which still survive, and I can be contacted on 01924 306809 on weekdays, usually between 10.30am and 2.30pm, or by letter.

John Goodchild

West Yorkshire Archive Service

The Registry of Deeds

Newstead Road