Letter - homes plan scrutiny

IN reference to the article in the Wakefield Express of September 28 (Development of land at Durkar by Taylor Wimpey), I can appreciate that some local residents would prefer the land not to be developed and are concerned about road safety in the vicinity of St James School.

However, as stated in the planning officer’s report, the land is private and access by the public has been tolerated rather than allowed, while there is almost always some element of danger when children are going to or coming from school.

Until recently my own grandchildren attended this school so I know it well and I believe that it is not or will not be any more dangerous after the proposed development has taken place when car journeys to the school should decrease.

In fact I could name several schools in the Wakefield area which appear to have more traffic hazards than St James.

Besides providing 75 desperately needed affordable dwellings the development will create new construction jobs for local people and should benefit businesses in Durkar and Crigglestone and in conclusion will make tidy an area which has become somewhat of an eyesore.

William Booth

St Johns Court