Letter - Humans and litter destroy the idyllic picture

The season of spring will soon be officially with us and the crowds of fluttering and dancing daffodils the great poet William Wordsworth wrote about will add welcome colour to our gardens, parks and countryside alike.

The swards of grass rapidly displaying their cloaks of green as a back cloth to the glorious yellow tiers and other colourful flowers will certainly lift our hearts after the dark and dour nights of the autumn and winter months.

The lungs of our world, those magnificent guardians of the tree family looking towards the horizon of the landscape generally and contributing in shape and form their splendour of architecture we all take for granted, punctuating the countryside, towns and villages wherever we may roam are the pinnacle of nature’s gifts.

The feathered friends of the bird species, particularly the dazzling Gold Finch swarming to our garden feeders add another dimension of joy to behold.

On the days we are greeted with sunshine, such scenes are nature’s medicine, which boosts our physical and mental wellbeing.

This is all the more reason to wholeheartedly cherish our surroundings and environment, and take care of it.

However, I now depart from this idyllic picture and present the other side of human nature, which in many individuals, colloquially speaking, just don’t give a damn about our streets, parks, or wherever in the community they indiscriminately choose to discard their rubbish as they walk about and indeed from vehicles both moving and stationary.

Whilst there are laws to prosecute anyone seen committing the depositing of litter in the open air, very rarely are such acts witnessed by the police.

I would say that in most instances, those adults who discard litter on a regular basis are probably in equal measure likely to have no respect for their own household and garden as this kind of loutish conduct is a way of life to them and sadly a form of natural behaviour.

Clearly this is an ongoing problem and if society cannot educate these little lout cretins, then the answer is, I believe, to set on a permanent workforce or better still, deploy those given community service orders through the courts for their misdemeanours.

I regularly walk to town from where I live on Pinders Heath, and the stretch of Stanley Road from Upper Warrengate towards Pinderfields Hospital is an absolute disgrace and is littered with empty beer cans, plastic bottles, take-away food cartons, numerous miscellaneous items of waste paper and even a car wheel hub trim cap.

This is litter that has accumulated year on year. So I ask myself, where are our elected ward councillors who live in the neighbourhood and have the power to help change the situation for the better, both in schools through education and by instigating a clean up programme of our streets?

Wake up councillors and open your eyes to the obvious litter blighting our communities and please do something about it.

But I won’t hold my breath.

Colin Longley

Coppice Close

Pinders Heath