Letter - I’d like to share my impressions of Pinderfields Hospital

I’ve just returned home after spending a few days in Pinderfields - nothing too serious or dramatic - and would like to share with anyone who may be interested my impressions of our local hospital.

Sitting in a warm, clean and comfortable room on my own for a few days, I had time to watch and listen to the people who were caring for me and it made me feel ashamed of the way I’ve been judging the young people of today.

We older people talk about how hard it was for us and blinded by the constant reports in the media about our country going to the dogs because people won’t work, don’t know how to behave and just lie around doing drugs and living on benefits, we sitting in our nice homes feeling so smug and superior.

Well, a few days in Pinderfields has changed all that for me. What I found was unfailing courtesy and kindness and care beyond measure.

Hard work! They know all about that. Just nip down to A&E if you don’t believe me. From the lovely little cleaning lady who cheered me ewach morning with her chatter, to the trolley ladies who always had a friendly word, the porters, wheeling me down dark corridors at night and making me helpless with laughter.

The nurses, a quiet word and a gentle touch when you’re feeling down, amazed at their unfailing patience and good humour. The lamp still shines, girls.

The doctors who treated me with dignity, respect and compassion. Thank you gentlemen.

This is our hospital. I don’t write to newspapers. Never done it before, probably won’t do it every again. I just had to say thank you Pinderfields, you’ve got it just right. God bless you all.

Mrs P Dawson

Woodland Drive