Letter - I’m baffled by your changes to Dewsbury Road

Baffling is a word I would use for Wakefield Council’s thoughts on changing Dewsbury Road.

Why fix something that is not broken? The lights and traffic flow fine as it is. Is it their mission to make the lives of Wakefield drivers more miserable with their tinpot ideas of traffic management?

Bottom of Westgate/Ings Road is a fine example of their meddling in something that wasn’t broken, instead of flowing traffic we have queues like never before and bottle-necking traffic and it’s only a matter of time before road rage appears, as I’ve seen for myself drivers cutting people up becausee they’re in the wrong lane.

Also a bus and cycle lane will make the flow of traffic longer and more frustrating and less efficient for everyone concerned. Spend the money it will cost on repairing roads and leave Dewsbury Road alone - there is enough frustration as it is on that road don’t make it any worse please!

J Hammond

Laithes View