Letter - ‘I’m proud of Wakefield’ says Bishop

IN the past few months there have been more than a few negative letters about Wakefield; happily there have also been some positive letters and I would like to add one more.

When I first came here I remember telling people how I had heard of the great plans for the future. The response from some people was an old fashioned look: ‘He’ll soon learn when he’s been here a bit longer, nothing much happens in Wakefield.’

Despite the acute financial problems globally and nationally, Wakefield has bucked the trend.

We have an excellent new hospital, a brilliant new shopping centre in Trinity Walk growing organically out of the city centre, the new Merchant Gate development by Westgate Station and supremely The Hepworth Gallery.

Alongside this, Crown House is being demolished, Kirkgate Station is about to be refurbished, and there is to be a new pub on the apex of the Barnsley and Doncaster Roads.

Our Cathedral is also in the midst of dramatic development plans which will make it a marvellous venue for the city and region as well as improving facilities for its prime purpose - the worship of God.

Of course, there are closed shops and other areas which await improvement but this is true throughout England and in my travels I have come to be really thankful for the enormous progress being made in Wakefield.

I feel proud of our city and I am really grateful to all those who have worked so hard to make these positive changes possible.

Stephen Platten

Bishop of Wakefield