Letter - I must be living in a different society

In response to Colin Strachan’s piece on Bedroom Tax in Friday June 21 edition of the Wakefield Express.

Firstly, a few facts for Coun D Hopkins’ perusal.

The Oxford English reference dictionary official meaning of the word ‘tax’ is as follows: “a contribution to state revenue compulsorily levied on individuals, property or businesses or a strain or heavy demand: an oppressive or burdensome obligation.”

That quite plainly describes the Tory’s bedroom tax or my comprehension of the English language is marred.

Secondly, there are more people than ever becoming reliant upon the services of the ‘free food’ charity.

Third, there is no money left in the council’s emergency rent fund (454% rise in applications to said fund) someone I know has applied and was told as such.

I do not understand just how this economically harmful tax can possibly: “create a level playing field with those in private rented accommodation.”

Coun Hopkins must be living in a totally different society to me. Also, Coun Hopkins says: “People can pay by increasing the hours that they work.” As far as I am aware most people that are in trouble with this abhorrent tax do not have a job?

2,000 WDH tenants are unable to pay their rent because of this socially inept tax. At about £14 per week per household, I am guessing the bill is around £30,000 per week, and rising. So, just who is going to foot this ever increasing bill? How is it going to be possible to make the poor, disabled and disenfranchised pay even more to settle the bill of the super rich?

The present government seem to need to carry on pressing the the poor’s purse until the pips squeak to pay for their own gross mis-management of the country’s funds.

I was taught by my parents that you always looked after the weak and those unable to care for themselves. And those that picked on the weak were bullies and were weak themselves. Again, I must be living in a different society.

As an afterthought, and for those who think it’s big and clever to pick on the poor to pay for their over-spilling pension pot. Just why do you think the people of Turkey and Brazil are demonstrating? Why did the people in Syria start rioting?

Simple. Governments think that they can carry on taking from the poor and get away with it. Mr Obama doesn’t think so and neither do I.

You with ideas of retiring to Spain or other sunnier climes needs to sit down and re-think your position.

Geoff Hall

St Michaels House