Letter - I will stand for mayor

STOP press – I am no monkey!

With less than two weeks to go before the referendum on an elected mayor for Wakefield I write in response to Graham Brown’s letter from last week asking “Would someone please stand forward before the referendum so that we know if it would be worthwhile to have a change”.

It is certainly true that if we have no idea if anyone will be standing (except Peter Box) then why would we want an election?

In my opinion, if you vote ‘No’ in the referendum you are clearly saying you are happy with the current system and with Peter Box!

If you vote ‘Yes’ in the referendum it suggests that you might like to see someone else ‘lead’ our city?

I want to see someone who is independent from party politics who can then best serve the citizens of Wakefield and demand councillors are fully accountable to the electorate without all the political hidden agendas. I want someone who will represent the people of our city by listening and acting with common sense. I want someone who is chosen by everyone and not just a few, who has a fixed term in office whereby the public can then vote again on their achievements!

I know that it could all back-fire on me but I want the readers to know that as a citizen of Wakefield and affiliated to no political party, I will be standing for Mayor if the referendum is a yes!

Let’s just leave it at that for the moment but I am sure there are others who would also be interested so please give us a chance.

Peter Hunter

Water Lane