Letter - Is it me, or are people getting ruder?

ALRIGHT, I’m old, maybe a bit cranky, but surely it’s not just me, but are people just getting ruder?

We are the nation that queues, we are famous for it, but it seems that we don’t do it any more. I regularly use the free city bus (and am very grateful for it too) and often used to get on at the Springs, down by what used to be Woolies.

Well! Try people watching there. Some, like myself will sit when I can inside the shelter, noting who is in front of me, and patiently wait.

Then people, and there is truly no particular age, sex, creed, will walk to the front of the stop, outside the shelter and stand there, ignoring everyone already there, and act as if by their physical presence that they are in fact first! If you go to challenge them, as I do, it can turn unpleasant.

Many are certainly old enough to know better, as I helpfully explain to them. So what has happened? It really makes me cross, I was brought up to believe that there is no excuse for bad manners, should we have queue marshalls? Just a thought......

I wonder what other niggles people have?

Mary Sanderson

Westgate, Wakefield