LETTER - Is Oxbridge in charge?

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DAVID Cameron is correct when he says today’s society is sick and has been commandeered by a small group of people out to destroy the very fabric of our society.

These people from Eton and Oxbridge, have completely taken over our society with horrendous consequences, over 90% of British bankers come from this gang who have robbed our pension funds, totally devalued our savings, while wrecking the housing market and the world economy.

Members of parliament (over 90% from Oxbridge) who robbed the British public through their housing benefit scandal, and other expenses frauds, while the few who were not convicted kept the Oxbridge oath not to “snitch”, then went on to vote themselves £100 per week food allowance (practically the same amount as an old age pensioner gets to live on).

Some of our senior police officers throughout the country are charged with bringing the police into disrepute and nepotism, many again coming from the Oxbridge community, while newspaper moguls, again friends of the politicians, are hacking dead children’s phone mail and lying to the highest courts in the land.

It is time for the British public to take over our institutionalised universities giving free admission to all working class groups, making redundant the academic ruling classes, and introducing our establishment’s rulers to the real world of education, which they have failed so miserably.

Unfortunately with every section of the establishment been run by this dastardly Mafioso group there is no chance of such a change without public distension, and for the public to take such action would mean almost certain incarceration by politicians, judges, and the police, all of whom seem to have attended the Oxbridge training grounds.

Paul Dainton

Altofts Lodge Drive