Letter - ‘It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it...’

I HOPE that the people of Wakefield will continue to support the Wakefield Music Teachers as they seem to be suffering injustice.

It is revealing that the music teacher who wrote the excellent letter in the Express seemingly dare not even reveal his or her name - after all, teachers who do not accept the terms now under “consultation” have been told that they will be dismissed.

The council is targetting a group of loyal, well-motivated and successful employees in a style which is simply bad management.

Admittedly, officials have tried to blame central government, but its agency the Arts Council says that it has made a grant to Wakefield Music Services of £1.5m for 2012-2015.

In her letter of October 26, Coun Rowley tells us that her actions will affect experienced, qualified teachers who are a major part of the service: these qualified teachers are essential to lead and teach whole classes as government initiatives on school music demand.

These are people, not numbers. She will know that “an employed person is a full human being, not a commodity to be bought and sold according to market requirements.

Recognition of the humanity of the employee should persuade managements to bring their workforce into creative partnership....Industrial relations should not be organised in a way that fosters such confrontational attitudes.”

The teachers deserve more consideration, more transparency and real consultation, with alternatives. Consultation is not an exercise to shelter behind, nor a means of confrontation.

On a musical note: “It ain’t what you do it’s the way that you do it”.

Nick Shields

Blenheim Road

St Johns