Letter - It’s all just acceptable

IT’S like writing to The Times reporting a glimpse of the first swallow, because I have just seen the first person coming to our street to price work for the new development.

Let me say straight away that I have nothing against commerce, but if this first example is anything to go by, then the NHBC (the organisation appointed to oversee the construction) will have its work cut out.

The man had the glint of pound signs in his eyes and from his talk, it was obvious he believed he could start work tomorrow and face no obstacles whatsoever.

After studying this project for well over a year, I listened to his glib assurance that the developer had fixed all the problems on the site and my blood ran cold.

I realised that all our fears were about come true because now all that mattered was getting the job done as fast as possible and under budget.

One of those terrible buzz words of the planning department came to mind as I listened to this man, namely that things were “acceptable”, not perfect, not even very good, just acceptable.

As he drove away I had the distinct feeling that I had not seen the first swallow, but the first vulture.

Dr David Foster

Ruskin Avenue