Letter - It’s still cooking on the buses

WITH regard to my letter of August 3 regarding the hot Arriva buses, I notice that some new buses are in use on the 425 service but could Colin Newbury of Arriva please ask his mechanical staff to turn off the heating on the older buses?

He did say, in reply to a previous letter from another hot traveller, that he would arrange for this to be done. Can he please do it now as we are still cooking?

I also note Graeme Greenwood’s letter of August 31 regarding the empty shops in Wakefield. He states that he hardly saw any and that he does not walk around with his eyes closed.

I beg to differ as I walked along most of the central streets in Wakefield today and counted 71 empty premises. I did not go into Trinity Walk but I do know that there are still empty premises there. Just where did Mr Greenwood go walking?

Since Trinity Walk opened, it has killed off a lot of the shops in Little Westgate, Westgate and Brook Street and other streets are heading in the same direction.

Wood Street is not far behind but that has been caused by the farcical revamp to the traffic flow. On top of that we have up to 20+ charity and pound shops. Is this the way that most of the streets in central Wakefield are heading?

And what of the Merchant Gate development? Anyone moved in there yet?

Wakefield is certainly not the place that it used to be and most of it is down to bad planning decisions by the council.

I really wish that I could sit down with some of the council members and show them where they have gone wrong, mainly with the highways, but I doubt if that will happen.

Dennis Nicoll

Broadcroft Chase