Letter - It’s time for a change

A RECENT survey showing that more people than ever are disappointed with the service of the NHS comes as no surprise whatsoever to the people of Wakefield.

Over the last five years, on an almost monthly basis, The Wakefield (Mid Yorkshire Trust) has come under constant fire over, shortage of beds (250 at Pindersfield alone), PFI costing billions, maternity services not at required standards, closure of Pontefract A&E at nights, old people sent home in the middle of the night to empty houses with no care, etc. The list appears to be endless.

The public gets excuse after excuse, such as a 250 bed shortage due to unforeseen immigration numbers and larger than the average birth rate in the area. Which buffoon didn’t see that coming?

180 jobs to go to save £24m, need A&E see your GP. On each and every occasion the Trust trot out the usual rubbish, like we have since improved the service in this area, insufficient trained doctors, “we have met with the relatives of the family and offered our apologies and condolences”,etc etc.

This month we find out that despite severe cash limits the trust has spent a fortune on consultants to do the job that NHS managers are meant to do? But this is supposed to save money the Trust say.

Then we see senior managers given awards “for success” at an event at Cedar Court costing how much? For doing what? Yet week after week we see letters in the Express from grateful patients and family praising the hands on staff, nurses and clinical practitioners doing an unbelievable job with so little resources.

Throughout all these problems the only people to give us the truth are the hospital unions, who constantly warn the trust and the public of the Trust’s shortcomings, only for the Trust to try and demonize them for telling the public the truth.

Why we stand for this in an NHS that we own, pay for and use is quite unbelievable, but it seems our politicians are more than happy with the situation!

But did you ever know of an MP on a long waiting list? Now is the time for change, these people must be made accountable with elections at least every four years.

Paul Dainton

Altofts Lodge Drive