Letter - Junction needs altering now

I could not agree more with the article written by the Express motoring correspondent Julie Marshall in February 3’s Express.

I live just off Balne Lane and to get out into Westgate we have 10 sets of traffic lights to negotiate sending us onto Bell Street, Wentworth Terrace past Charlie Browns onto Rishworth Street and finally onto Cliff Parade, Back Lane and Drury Lane.

All this traffic management needed was the traffic lights at the top of Burton Street, adjoining Bell Street, and the new Mulberry Way, to allow traffic to go straight ahead from Balne Lane between the back of the County Hall and the new One building instead of sending you through all these traffic lights and at least half a mile out of your way.

Can anyone tell me how this is cutting down traffic and pollution? Could serious consideration be given to alter this junction? Darnley Avenue and Plumpton must have seen an increase in through traffic.

I also agree it is easier to shop elsewhere. Wood Street is like a ghost town now with the new road system.

So come on council and planners, get this junction altered.

Mrs P Jewson

Cliff Park Avenue

Balne Lane