Letter - Law needs changing

WHEN I first experienced the film Kes, I was at Normanton Freeston High School and all I could think about was the kestrel nest I had found while walking round Newland Hall Wood.

It was a bit different to the biology and nature lessons I was being taught at the time. This was first-hand.

I thought I would take a young falcon and train it just like Billy Casper, thankfully things changed and I didn’t take one.

Since then I have been an avid bird watcher, especialy birds of prey and all other manner of birds, so I was disgusted to read your article about Karl Leadley who had the honour to see and even handle birds of prey such as the fastest bird in the world - the peregrine falcon - the harris hawk and the steppe eagle.

This is a privilege. How can anyone in charge of such majestic birds of prey treat them in such a manner when they need due care and attention 24 hours a day, not even providing the food or water they need?

For me, and I’m sure any ornitholigist will say, this is a disgusting act. Just to be in the company of these wonders of the bird world would be a once-in-a-life time experience for any ornitholigist.

The law needs to be changed - raptors like these do not ask to be taken and be trained to the gauntlet but, if so, let it be by someone who really has the birds at heart.

Brett Atack

Favell Avenue