LETTER - Less of the mini drama

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AS we are all aware, it’s a grim financial time at the moment in the UK and we look for our government and local councils to guide us out of the choppy waters, and if ever there was a time when utter focus on a situation was required well this is it.

If you have the odd MP with close connections with national matters it would be a reasonable expectation that he/she would lead by example and carry the fight towards recovery...

Not Mary Creagh it seems.

At a time of national meltdown it seems Mary’s target of choice is McDonalds!

Now while I admit I missed the mensa letter on my doorstep, I don’t quite understand how having a pop at a fast food giant helps things. Am I missing the point? Have the people of her ward asked for this action?

So the place in question opens 24 hour but her total argument seems based on obesity and forgive me but does a burger make you fatter after midnight? She makes a valid point about a healthy diet and good food and but perhaps it is some indication of the lack of understanding of someone on a large salary that the general public don’t have the disposable cash for quality (and more expensive) food.

Of course you will always have a supporting letter from some unhappy local as that’s always the way but I’m sure a company that runs its business on a global scale without major problems and with considerable financial gain (a template Wakefield Council might look at?) will meet all the requirements. Also loved the pulling on the heart strings with the inclusion of the elderly housing scheme, perhaps throw a couple of puppies in next time for extra effect?

At no time in the history of Wakefield has the need for our council’s 100% focus been needed more...so less of these mini dramas please. It’s not what you are paid for.

Del Milburn

Bradford Road