Letter - Loneliness is an issue for us all

Last December a report appeared in the Express regarding comments made by our MP Mary Creagh on the question of loneliness and how it can affect mental and physical health.

She was quoted as saying: “If we don’t start to champion loneliness as a health and care issue, elderly people in Wakefield will continue to have their lives cut short.”

This came about after the Express had reported that certain services were to by cut through lack of funding.

Ms Creagh went on to say: “I am urging action and for people to join the campaign and join services like Re-Connect so that Wakefield can become a stronger community where people are less at risk of being isolated.”

Sadly, people who have not experienced isolation and its consequences do not give it much thought and are not concerned.

The number of people living alone has increased considerably over the years, which reflects certain aspects of social development or neglect.

Some people will say they prefer to live alone. However, the majority of us are and have been gregarious creatures from time immemorial. We need the company of others.

One activity which can be very therapeutic is several areas is sequence dancing or indeed dancing of any kind. All types of dancing have health benefits and provide a pleasant way to enjoy an aerobic workout. It provides a gentle exercise of body and mind along with socialisation and pleasant music.

It should be encouraged as much as possible, not squeezed out of existence as seems to be happening these days.

Not only in dancing a sociable activity which reduces stress and improves confidence, it is an activity which can be enjoyed by people of all ages, shapes and sizes.

A B Smelt

Sandy Lane, Middlestown.