Letter - Look where you’re going

IN a week that has seen the criminalisation of Christian actions I could not help but smile at the letter, Express February 10, ‘No-one stopped after I crashed.’

Head down and pedalling Ms Slingsby crashes headlong into a road sign.

Her first reaction is to hope someone has seen her.

Ms Slingsby berates several drivers for not being good Samaritans and stopping.

The brave man, who did stop, wisely didn’t leave his name. Wise because should the ‘Have you tripped or fallen brigade’ become good Samaritans to Ms Slingsby in the future, anyone however remotely involved will be ripe for ripping off.

Personally I fail to see how a ‘road’ sign can be criticised for being in the ‘road’ or for being: ‘a long way off what it is warning about’ when it is clearly warning of ‘road’ works 400 yards away.

There is a simple cycling rule which avoids anyone from finding themselves disappointed in humanity: Look where ‘you’ are going!

DL Long

Coxley Crescent