Letter - Look where you’re going

THANKS for printing my letter and while I know many people write in I was very interested but not surprised by Coun Box’s reply. One thing’s clear, it seems the England team need some spin so perhaps he should be drafted in the team!

I did not imply Wakefield Council paid in total for Trinity Walk but a percentage was funded by taxpayers’ money and as for new jobs as a result well many transferred from existing stores. The building of the centre killed local shops and that’s a fact.

The Ridings can prosper? Another store reported shutting down last week that’s been there from the start and if he can give me the figures of the number of empty units I don’t think prosper is the buzzword I would use.

Fair enough, the Hepworth started ok but it’s slowing down and what Peter didn’t understand was I questioned the need for a flagship building when there are towns in need of so much repair in other areas.

Regarding the areas of consultation I spoke of, well consultation only opened up after public outcries on both occasions so the procedure is we should kick up a fuss, and when you get caught out you listen?

Love the smokescreen of the miners but I don’t recall namechecking them and if you want a list of firms that have gone down under your watch I can supply that but I fear I may get handwriting cramp!

On the roadworks issue if you and I had a race from my flat to your office on Wood Street with me on foot and you in a car I know who would win.

Most of all I love the final big up, the independent audit commission thinks you’re doing well...perhaps they should come and live here then.

Del Milburn

Bradford Road