LETTER - Markets -listen to us

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I WOULD like to respond to several points raised in a letter (More on the markets).

The costs to the council of running a market vary but are usually substantial – in Normanton the cost is over £80,000. As well as having staff to work with the traders, and clean up the market, there are also substantial repair, maintenance and utility costs associated with the shop units and the precinct on which the outdoor market takes place.

We have a car boot policy to ensure that only properly organised events take place at appropriate locations. Without this policy we run the risk of dangerous, chaotic and disruptive events, which I am sure traders and their customers would not want. I also doubt very much if residents would like unlicensed events springing up everywhere.

The harsh reality is that a number of markets across the district are currently losing money or are in danger of doing so in the near future. We must find a more sustainable way to deliver markets.

I want to make it clear – we’re not trying to close our markets but trying to find a way to give them a sustainable future – the only way they will be able to stay open. In Normanton we have had positive meetings with the town council and traders and are confident the market will continue to run into the future, albeit in a different way. Normanton market is still very much open for business.

Coun David Dagger

Cabinet Member for Culture

Sport and Libraries