Letter - Matters are made worse

WHAT has this council and previous ones done to this wonderful city of Wakefield?

I have lived here for all of my many years and I remember a thriving, bustling city with which we could be proud.

I see now a fragmented city with no heart.

Beginning with the centre, The Bull Ring, this has got steadily worse as every attempt to improve it has failed miserably.

From a flower decked island in the 50s and 60s, to an area of comfortable seats in the 90s, to what is now a concrete desert with benches to perch on and with an occasional blast of water to excite the masses.

This area must be one of the most dangerous in the city, because deciding what is road, path or crossing needs some thought.

The Ridings Centre was to instil lifeblood into the city and at first it showed promise, but when will the powers that be stop telling me how well it is doing?

Is it a case of less shops more business?

The potential was there to develop it more, but what happened, it was decided to put the next part of it further away, maybe to increase the sales of umbrellas?

We can all see what is likely to happen there. It didn’t take Sainsbury’s long to realise how successful Trinity Walk was going to be!

Then, to make matters worse, it was decided to develop an area of Westgate.

Once it was the hub of banking and commerce, now the hub of clubbing and emptiness.

The new road structure, although beautifully constructed, is lined on both sides by lovely empty showrooms which I can never see being developed in the future.

Maybe it was decided that more empty shops is what was wanted.

Then, how can we possibly overlook the market? I remember so well going with my mother to this amazing market, full of stalls selling everything one could wish for.

The fish and meat market with its bright stalls and variety of smells.

The two-tier Market Hall which housed cafes, etc, where one could go to get warm on a cold or wet day.

Need anyone be reminded of what we are left with now?

I could go on, but enough said, there are some positives, yes, The Hepworth, the new Wakefield One building, a very pleasing building in keeping with the area.

Although its outlook over the black and yellow car park leaves a lot to be desired.

Grouse over. Finally, will someone, for heaven’s sake, give John Roberts a George Gilbert Scott pew to sit on while he writes his letters to various publications.

The pews have gone, John, they will not be back. Wait and see the result, go to Dewsbury Minster, see the transformation there.

The only consolation is the council is not overseeing it.

Michael Slack

Cyprus Avenue

St John’s