Letter - Memories of church

I understand from your article in the Wakefield Express that St Peter’s Church, Stanley, is in danger of being demolished.

My grandmother and grandfather, Calrice and Charles Dickinson, were married there in 1910, against the wishes of Clarice’s father.

He would have preferred them to be married in a Stanley chapel.

There was no end of friction in the family, but Clarice held out and was determined to be married there.

I am writing The Biography of Leonard Dickinson, which should be available for order shortly - in which I am about to begin with some of dad’s grandparents’ history, bringing in the history of Stanley Ferry, Stanley, Outwood, Wakefield, Rothwell, Robin Hood etc, from neolithic times in Stanley.

Leonard, a pupil of Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, besides his endurance on the badly bombed island of Malta during World War II, a Leeds tram car driver of the late 40s, and a mobile bus driving during the 1950s and 60s for West Riding Auto Co Ltf, was a spare time inventor.

I also notice that Holmfield House in Thornes Park is also in jeopardy.

Strangely enough, Leonard and Dora’s wedding reception is set here in 1945, in the biography.

Susan Churm

Windsor Close

Shaw Cross