Letter - More cost being added

As I walk to the Co-op pushing my gleaming chrome zimmer frame and taking a deep breath on my sugar-free mint – joke, as I do not own a car and don’t smoke – I ponder over the letter sent to the Express, by Keith Pickering, with heading “There is no pot of gold”.

This letter really enlightened me and made me very happy to learnt that, over my 50 years, never out of work, and having paid all my taxes, national insurance, and graduated pensions, that I had donated to the pensioners and the people out of work at that time, for as Keith put it, do people paying taxes today pay my pension?

Could I also mention I had just started work at 15 years old when the NHS had just been started and when prescription spectacles, false teeth etc were all free. I pay for mine now.

But at that time I was young enough not to need any of these things.

Why did the last government have to subsidise the national health to the tune of millions of pounds, and why didn’t the national insurance contributions cover the costs of drugs etc, that people have now to pay £7 a time for on top of the contributions?

But why should I worry when, according to Mr Pickering, I can afford a Rolls Royce and smoke heavily taxed cigars. Although of course I was brought up to look after my money, which has been hard earned.

James Anthony Bulmer

Peel Street