LETTER - More on the markets

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NORMANTON Market along with many others in our region face closure due to lack of funding.

What I would like to know is exactly how much for example it costs to run Normanton Market?

I have spoken to some of the regular traders at Normanton to ask what role the council play in the running of this market and apart from the odd coat of paint once in a blue moon and a little cleaning after closing time, the council seem to be responsible for nothing more except collecting rents.

On a similar subject I recently visited Beverley, East Yorkshire, for a weekend away and had the chance to attend a couple of local car boot sales. When I asked how much the organisers pay for the privilege of holding a sale I was told nothing, nil to the council at all, there’s no need to register, just have the sale.

I think it’s disgusting that Wakefield Council charge charities and other good causes £53 and require registration to hold their own sale organised by their own volunteers on their own land.

Looking at a list requested from the local council of registered car boot sales there will be almost 30 sales this year and that means almost £1,600 to the markets department for doing nothing at all.

Stall charges seem for Normanton are around £10 per stall with two sales per week and still payable if you turn up to sell or not, with 40 stalls available and a total of £800 per week maximum, surely with only half the stalls occupied £400 is enough to pay a cleaner and afford some paint once in a while?

Could someone from the council please come up with justifiable operating costs for all local markets and let the public and regular traders know exactly why councillors see the need to close our traditional markets?

Philip Stone

Hanson Avenue