Letter - More sense required

I WELCOME the prospect of an evolved, directly-elected mayor; but think that people have lost faith in politics and government generally and that it is therefore important to diversify a little from the London model, open up the market to someone from the general public who is more in touch with reality and the needs of the people.

We need more common sense – more power to be devolved to the people concerned (including businesses); and the exercise wouldn’t in fact be more costly, but less so – not least since opening up to competition from outside is the natural way to moderate prices and costs in any arena.

Wakefield has far greater potential than recent new developments might allude to; and the Council needs stronger leadership that works not just for itself and a few elite, but for everyone concerned.

It needs someone who can campaign for change at the higher national and even international levels too – which have a very significant impact on local conditions – all with the aim of creating a more-fertile economic environment that promotes unity of purpose, sustainable growth, security and prosperity for all.

Neil Pearson

Valley Drive, Wrenthorpe