Letter - MP parliamentary boundary changes in Wakefield are ‘rubbish’

In the Wakefield Express August 10 it states what do you think of boundary changes? (Rubbish). It is just another con trick to win more seats - at least 20 or more.

It is good to see Wakefield MP Mary Creagh (Labour) that she and her party are against boundary changes - good.

Mr Cameron says it is right to scrap the reform bill on the House of Lords, and to push through the boundary changes. Instead, he says it’s fair (rubbish again). Boundary changes are a con trick so that they win more seats than any other parties.

Mr Cameron says it will be cheaper (rubbish again). They will give themselves a massive pay rise.

I can understand Nick Clegg being angry with David Cameron for killing off Lords reform. But now Nick Clegg, the Liberal Democrats leader, has withdrawn his party’s support for the boundary changes.

Some back benchers, Tory rebels, have failed to deliver (a deal is a deal). I thought Mr Cameron was more of a good leader, but he seems to be scared of his rebels. Can’t he stand up to them, is he a man or a mouse?

The rebels have forgotten their own history too, Conservatives supported a democratic House in reports by Lord Home in 1978.

John GK Wildie

Briar Grove, Sandal