Letter - MPs need to wake up

THE recent election of George Galloway in Bradford seems to have shaken local MPs, yet it came as no surprise to the voting public.

It clearly shows our politicians live on a different planet to the voters of our county as there is absolutely no trust in any of the three major parties, nor is there any difference in their policies.

The Labour Party hope we have forgotten that they introduced tuition fees and that the Tory/Lib alliance simply increased the amount. It was the Labour Party MPs who voted for the closure of local post offices and refused to campaign to get them reopened for the elderly the sick and handicapped, causing great difficulty for these groups of people, while voting billions to save private banking and bonuses.

All three parties voted themselves a one hundred pound a week food allowance straight after the MPs’ expenses scandal. It was the Labour Party that introduced PFI into our local hospital leaving us with a shortage of 250 beds and a debt for the next 25 years, while all three are to blame for uncontrolled immigration.

So should anyone know of some well-known populist (singer, showman, footballer, comedian) wanting a job with a starting salary of £65k, no education certificates required, the best pension fund in the world, more holidays than any other profession in the UK, a hundred pound a week food allowance, the best travel and housing expenses in England, just chuck your name in the ring, and if our MPs don’t think it can happen in the Wakefield district then just take another look at Bradford.

Paul Dainton

Altofts Lodge Drive