Letter - My concerns over coal mine plan

I AM writing about a story that I am sure you are already covering, however, after going to the consultation I feel the story is different than what has been reported.

There was a lot of emphasis on environment and what they will do to restore it, however, this is somewhat of a red herring due to the fact the environment is beautiful as it is and the only reason they are doing all this work on it is because they are destroying it.

There has been nothing reported about the effect on the residents, of which I am one, and the affect it will have on them.

UK Coal did not even acknowledge that it was a problem, even though the cast will be within meters of people’s houses and they intend to use ‘blasting’.

They also did not even apologise or try to make any note of the fact Hell Lane will disappear forever, so for residents a longer journey and more traffic on that journey on roads that are already very busy.

The schedule of taking the coal out and restoring it is also poorly planned and only has consideration for profit and not the residents, as when they have finished the area near the houses will still be two years away from recovering to what it currently is so that is six and half years of disruption.

I feel we will need as much support as possible as this big corporate company only has eyes for profit and they will disrupt whoever they have to, to maximise this.

Matt Allison

Colliery Street

New Sharlston