Letter - My horror over move of sports field

I was disappointed to read in the Express last week that the council plans to destroy the wonderful 19 acre sports ground off Walton Lane.

For more than 60 years this ground has built up a great reputation, not just as a top cricket field, but for so many other sports, bowls, football, rugby and tennis, and a second cricket field, along with excellent parking facilities mean this is far and away the best sports club in the whole district.

I was horrified to read that a club spokesman welcomes the move to a rough field in Walton. Surely he should know it just isn’t possible to create a top cricket square, as just one item. I read Sandal Community Association are concerned about the loss of a clubroom and as an aside ‘extra traffic’ coming onto Walton Lane.

To think that traffic generated by a mere 214 houses would make an impact on an already overloaded lane was swept aside at the 2001 public enquiry by the senior council spokesman who, with a straight face, assured the Inspector the majority of families moving in ‘would use public transport’.

Over the past 25 years, when this threat to Sandal’s green fields was first voiced, Albert, Betty, Philip, Brian and I have been consistent in our opposition. At the 2001 public inquiry, Vicar Rupert, Paul Robertshaw and I presented a strong case for keeping these green fields for Sandal.

I trust our present councillors will continue the fight, although I cannot recall hearing their views on the subject.

Perhaps they have been in touch with the prime minister, knowing of his battle to retain sports fields nationally. I wrote to him and my old friend, Eric Pickles (one time council leader in Bradford) alerting them to the threat to a great sports club.

Norman J Hazell MBE

Woolgreaves Drive