Letter - My street doesn’t exist

I am writing this feeling a bit down-hearted, as some things seem to be out of control.

I have lived on Ruskin Avenue in Wrenthorpe for the last 15 years. We moved there because the Avenue was tree-lined, with grass verges and different kinds of properties on it, plus the added bonus that we were surrounded by fields.

Ruskin Avenue today is certainly not how I described it above. I now feel that I am living in the middle of a construction site or where a bomb has been dropped.

The road itself (the only road in and out of Ruskin) looks like a farmers track, all uneven and muddy.

I have had to change my car tyres now on three occasions because the road has ruined them. Most of the grass verges have been ruined, or even just dug out.

I have to gain access to my street by a three-way traffic light system.

Ruskin Avenue has been totally invaded and destroyed by both contractors building new houses at the back of us, and to make matters worse, new gas pipes being laid.

I work hard to pay my mortgage and council tax to live in what I can describe as a ‘hell hole,’ that I have to leave every morning and return to every night.

Ruskin Avenue doesn’t exist anymore thanks to the construction of new houses, which we do not need anyway. There are houses on our street which are for sale and are not moving off the market.

I feel stressed and very let down by our council who have backed this build throughout.

Mrs D Stead

Ruskin Avenue