Letter - My vote will be ‘yes’

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IN Paul Dainton’s letter of March 9 (Counting mayor cost), it is claimed that “any reasonable guestimation” shows the cost of an elected mayor would be around £250,000. His letter also claims that such a post will run as “an addition” to the present system not “instead of”.

Both of these points are incorrect. The new position of mayor would not be “an addition”, it would be a replacement of the current unaccountable “leader of council” role, a position which holds massive power over the operations of Wakefield Council, but is voted for only by 63 Wakefield residents.

As for the “reasonable guestimation” of a £250,000 cost, if we look at Leicester, which recently voted for a directly elected mayor, we see that the mayor has removed a layer of bureaucracy and has actually saved council tax payers upwards of a quarter of a million pounds per year.

Ultimately the debate for a mayor boils down to the simple question: Do you want to vote for the person who runs Wakefield Council, or do you want 63 councillors to make that decision for you?

Arnie Craven

UKIP Wakefield spokesman

Airedale/Ferry Fryston ward