Letter - Need PCs and CCTV

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I APPRECIATE the efforts of a local councillor, Mr Jesty, and the trades people of Horbury who are fighting for the installation of CCTV in the town.

However, the students’ riots and the recent, more destructive, riots have all been recorded on CCTV but not prevented.

When cameras are installed as part of policing equipment would this mean fewer patrols by policemen?

If so, could it be the felon will do his dirty deeds and run away, possibly to be apprehended weeks later having already spent his ill gotten gains?

Surely this is the old adage - “closing the stable door after the horse has got away”?

Will this be any consolation to the victim of the crime, who would surely have preferred to prevention being better than the cure as, initially, CCTV cannot catch the villain and is the eye that sees but cannot seize.

We will, of course, get the argument that police cuts will mean fewer policemen.

We have had the promise that front line beat policemen will not be affected.

The promise would be better to put many more on the frontline.

We can sometimes see the cameras, now let’s see the cops.

James Anthony Bulmer

Peel Street