Letter - No choice for strikers

You have stated in the Express if anybody has any comments about the strikes and also the new pay freeze for the public workers on top of their pay freeze for two years.

First of all, I am against any strikes. It doesn’t help anybody in the long run and its the working class people who always lose out.

But I must say at this time that the unions had no choice but to strike. The chancellor Mr George Osborne stated what he was going to do in his autumn budget. As a retired NHS worker I give them my backing.

It is very wrong for the government to interfere with people’s pensions. What you pay into your pension you should get back in full with interest when you retire. After all it’s your money and not to be cut by half to help out with the country’s financial debt left by the last Labour government.

Secondly, I fully support Mr Ed Balls, the Morley and Outwood MP, who states that the economic growth forecasts were being slashed because government cuts went too far and too deep. Britain is hit by an economic crisis across Europe. Mr Cameron, and this government didn’t know how deep the recession is. There are three ways of reducing some of the cuts instead of making people’s lives a misery.

Mr Nick Clegg states that the government is to call time on excessive and irresponsible behaviour, companies to publish top salaries, shareholders to get more say on pay and the FTSE bosses’ 49 per cent rise is a big slap in the face for the public.

Cancel Trident, which will cost millions of rate payers’ money.

Bring back our troops from Afghanistan. This also costs millions. Mr Clegg suggested his party would differ from the Conservatives by opposing nuclear weapons and also oppose ending the free bus passes and TV licences for millions of pensioners.

John G K Wildie

Briar Grove