Letter - No getting ‘green’ back

ANTONY Calvert argues in the Politically Speaking (April 20) that those campaigning against new developments in Wakefield are ‘guilty’ of thwarting new homes, new jobs and new businesses as well as hampering those wishing to purchase a house for the first time.

With such a one-dimensional argument it is easy to see why Mr Calvert failed to impress the electorate when he did not succeed in claiming the Outwood and Morley seat in the 2010 general election.

I am one of the campaigners who he dismisses. As part of Wakefield Council’s derided and much maligned Local Development Framework (LDF), plans are afoot to build 70 new homes on green belt land within the village of Kirkhamgate (which Wakefield Council are claiming is within Wrenthorpe, which they also claim is not a village, despite its village hall, village store and village post office).

Development in green belt land within villages is against planning law unless the entire land parcel is filled, and only when the development does not exceed 10 dwellings.

Maps and deeds of all the properties along Wrenthorpe Lane by the Batley Road junction (where the proposed development is to take place) clearly state that this land is within Kirkhamgate.

As somebody who is saving a deposit so that I can buy a house for the first time, I am not against new development, but WMDC has over 200 brownfield sites that have been overlooked.

Surely Mr Calvert supports the law as much as he supports new development, or must the law be dismissed in favour of profit in the 21st century?

Rather like the pews at Wakefield Cathedral, once the green belt has gone, there is no getting it back.

Michael J Rochford

Wrenthorpe Lane