Letter - No need for new Mayor

I AM taking the unusual step of speaking out on an issue the outcome of which will affect all of us who live and work in the Wakefield district.

The referendum to decide on having an elected mayor which is being imposed on the people of our district is both unnecessary and costly.

I will be opposing the proposal for an elected mayor and many of the business leaders, community groups and voluntary organisations tell me they will be voting against.

In my opinion, at a time of austerity, it make no sense to spend large amounts of public money voting for an elected mayor whose powers we do not know and has yet to be demonstrated works better than the present system: just look at the political instability that an elected mayor has brought to Doncaster!

Look around at the improvements which have and are taking place in the district despite the economic pressures. The council, and I don’t agree with everything they do, is run by 63 people from all parts of the district who are elected by you, who work on your behalf and overall they do a good job.

We do not need an expensive elected mayor, I believe the people of our district like the tradition of a civic mayor.

I was born and have lived in the local community most of my life. I have never been a member of a political party but have worked at high level with both Labour and Conservative governments.

I have worked successfully for over 30 years with Wakefield Council on such projects as the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, the Theatre Royal & Opera House, the Hepworth Gallery and now the proposed new stadium for Wakefield Trinity Wildcats.

Furthermore, the council is working to assist Castleford Tigers with their proposed stadium and is working with other sports clubs throughout the district in addition to many regeneration projects.

Don’t put all this at risk!

I will be voting for Option 1 and would encourage you to do the same. (If it ain’t broke, it doesn’t need fixing!).

Sir Rodney Walker

Bond Street