LETTER - No surprise in store

IT comes as no surprise that Sainsbury’s has decided have decided to reopen its old premises on Ings Road.

I hope the management of Trinty Walk are preparing to find a new tenant for the space occupied by that company, when it decides to downsize for economic reasons when its lease runs out (which in today’s economic climate is not an unreasonable projection).

Yes, no doubt Sainsbury’s has figured that some of its customers have stopped shopping with it through its Nectar Card Scheme, but a move back to Ings Road would create a delay in the Tesco scheme, as the potential relocation of other retail users on Ings Road to the old Sainsbury’s site is now prevented.

Sainsbury’s claims it will create 200 new jobs but this now jeopardises 450 jobs which will be created by Tesco and in addition and also reduce any benefits that a section 106 of the planning act that could improve the facilities in Wakefield.

If the Sainsbury’s move does stall the Tesco plan I hope Wakefield Council will co-operate with Tesco to find an alternate scheme somewhere in the confines of the Wakefield city boundary to hopefully increase commercial prosperity.

Tony Bell

Beaumont Street