Letter - Not holding breath for job

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I’M one of the vast army of the unemployed. My employer got into financial problems in 2007 and the administrator made many of us redundant.

Unless there’s a miracle I fully expect to still be signing on in the weeks prior to my retirement at the end of August 2017! As I suspect that even if would-be employers actually bother to read my CV the only information that interests them is, “Year of first job”, in my case 1967. Taken away from this year 2012 equals 45 plus age at which I began work 15 equals 60! Which means that I’m probably older than most of the potential employer’s personnel!

Then there’s the reason for every potential employer/agency getting deluged with applications.

Every unemployed person claiming benefits is required to submit three applications for employment each week. So we all have to apply for a few hundred jobs each year that we are totally unsuitable for. To simply ‘make up the numbers’ of jobs applied for.

And continue to obtain just enough money to keep body & soul from parting company. I’m lucky that my only expensive habit is breathing!

And I expect that soon I will again qualify for the ‘Dole ‘Ole’s’ continuing insanity; the ‘Better off working!’ interview. Back in 2007 I was paid £290 before deductions each week. Yet a member of staff has to waste 30 minutes telling me how much better off I’d be if I had employment at regular intervals.

Like many, I know that I can return to making a positive contribution to society. If I should come upon a manager like my late father. He took on a 59-year-old, in preference to an 18 year-old, knowing the 59-year-old would stay with the company until he was 65. I’m not holding my breath.

Bill Houlder

Queens Avenue