LETTER - Not like the old days

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Wakefield Express Property on August 26 caught my eye (WDH apprentices are told, ‘you’re hired’).

Apprenticeships, in my day, for all trades were seven years (14 to 21). The employer allowed one day a week day release to attend college, plus one night also to continue study. This entailed a lot of homework and study, but you rarely heard of anyone who tried to skive off.

There was the odd company who insisted on you paying an indenture of £50 which was a great struggle for some families, but they did it, my family for one.

What wonderful tradesmen these young men made.

The wages for the first year were about £1.25 per week or so, and each year a few shillings were added until they were fully qualified tradesmen. They were a credit to whatever trade they had decided to follow.

I have recently been told that an apprenticeship these days is for five years, but I do not know if it is true or not.

Now to the last paragraph of the article I am writing about. It reads: “The apprentices will go on an outward bound course in the Lake District next month, where they will be developing teamwork skills and building self-confidence.”

What a fantastic trip for the group that is taking them. It will be just like a free holiday.

What a waste of precious time and money, although I assume it will all be paid for by WDH because it sounds as if they have plenty to throw about to waste on such a project.

Is there any wonder our country is in the state it’s in when we have people coming up with ideas like this? It really disgusts me.

Edna Whiteley

Manygates Lane