Letter - Not the job of the legion

PERHAPS Mr McGowan is unaware but the British Legion is not a political organisation but is primarily a charity and voice for thousands of current servicemen and especially those who have served before us.

It is not up to them to decide or comment on issues such as the European Union and if they did is Mr McGowan so arrogant as to believe that they would have the same opinion as him? Off the top of my head I know Paddy Ashdown, ex-special serviceman, doesn’t.

Thanks to the servicemen who fought for the democracy and freedom we enjoy today anyone wishing to leave our partners in Europe have at least two popular parties which could be elected on this issue, it just so happens that the British people have not done so.

I also think the paradox that Mr McGowan refers to would be our heroes of the British Legion that defeated fascism only decades ago voting for a far right party such as the BNP.

Andrew Rhodes

St John’s Place