Letter - Our residents need good bookshops

It was with some dismay that we read your report ”Talks ongoing as city’s main book store makes way”, June 7) on the decision on re-locating Waterstones.

It is a timely reminder of the difficult times facing all bookshops, be they large or small, since the advent of online and supermarket bookselling.

It is my firm belief that any bookshop has a beneficial effect on its locality and reading gives wings to the imagination of both young and old, enhancing thier experiences and providing inspiration for the future.

As an independent bookseller based in Horbury serving Wakefield and its wider community we face the same challenges and are aware of how difficult times are, but we do hope that Waterstones make the correct decision for our city.

The residents of Wakefield are indeed fortunate in having a fine new public library at Wakefield One, but we also need good bookshops and only hope that the community will continue to support them.

Richard Knowles FSA

Rickaro Books

High Street