Letter - Perhaps Labour MP Yvette Cooper will respond via the Express?

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The proposed HS2 High Speed Train to Leeds-London will cut through and decimate large areas of valuable urban green belt land in the Wakefield area, including the worlds first nature reserve at Walton, the renowned Newland Hall Estate at Normanton, the Historic Henge at Altofts and the Calder Wetlands at Stanley/Bottomboat.

The High Speed Train will cut 20 minutes from travel time from Leeds to London, but people living in the Wakefield area will have to spend at least 45 minutes travelling time to gain access to this facility whilst the number of trains from Wakefield could fall by 50% and take an extra 20 minutes to reach London.

To date the STOP HS2 action group have not found one commercial or public group in the Wakefield district who are in favour of this devastating environmental proposal, however despite writing to our MP Yvette Cooper with a full document of objections and alternative proposals she has seen fit not to respond to our letters asking her to support our case!

Indeed she has indicated that she favours the rail proposal, yet fails to give us one group in her constituency who support the proposals.

In recent weeks I have attended a number of meetings throughout the district with thousands of people attending all opposed to the scheme on “environmental” “property prices” “aesthetic” and “noise” issues.

If this is the case why are our MPs not prepared to join their vast majority of constituents’ concerns, just whose financial benefit are our MPs concerned about, and why are they so opposed to their constituents’ views?

Perhaps our MP will respond to this letter in the Wakefield Express as to date she has not responded to our hand delivered previous correspondence.

Paul Dainton

Altofts Lodge Drive