Letter - Pick it up or give dog owners a bad name

I was under the impression that dog fouling is a criminal offence, so how come I still see people along Southfield/Northfield Lane letting their dogs foul and not picking it up!

Again this week I have shovelled up dog mess from the grass verge outside our property as not only is it a health hazard, it’s not nice for us to pass it when out walking.

Could the irresponsible owners (you know who you are) who don’t pick up dog mess and the ones who pick it up then use the space between the fence and our garage as a dog waste bin kindly pick it up and put in the bin provided, or better still take it home with you and dispose of it responsibly without launching it into trees and bushes where other people have to put up with it.

We will report people who continue to flout the law and give good owners a bad name.

Sheryl Spawforth

Southfield Close